Transfer a Patient


UofL Hospital - Access Center

Nurses pushing a gurney UofL Hospital accepts thousands of patients annually, including those for our nationally and regionally recognized Trauma Center, Stroke Center, Burn Unit and UofL Brown Cancer Center.

The UofL Hospital Access Center is the most efficient and effective way to arrange a patient transfer to UofL Hospital. With a call to our access center, the provider-to-provider communication time is drastically reduced, allowing patients to be provided quality care right away.

To transfer a patient to University of Louisville Hospital, the Access Center can be reached 24 hours a day via local and toll-free numbers:
Inside Louisville: 502-562-8008
Outside Louisville: 1-888-803-8008

Download UofL Hospital Access Center Flyer

How It Works:

  1. Call 502-562-8008
  2. The UofL Hospital Access Center will gather basic patient transfer information.
  3. The Access Center will contact the specialist on call for the requested service.
  4. The Access Center will facilitate a recorded conference call between the referring provider and the on-call provider to discuss the patient's condition.
  5. Once the patient is accepted for transfer, the Access Center will:
    • coordinate appropriate bed placement
    • request the necessary medical documents
    • connect RNs for patient report

To ensure a seamless patient transfer, the UofL Hospital Access Center will need the following information:

  • Caller's name
  • Referring provider and hospital
  • Contact number
  • Service being requested
  • Patient name
  • Transferring diagnosis
  • Basic patient condition