Our Promise To You

Our mission is to guide, facilitate, educate, communicate and support all efforts to embrace patient- and family-centered care at UofL Hospital. Below is our “Promise” statement to you - the patients and families we serve:
African-American hand holding Caucasian hand in sign of caring

We Promise …

Dignity and Respect
We promise to listen to and honor your perspectives and choices. We will integrate your knowledge, experiences, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds into the planning and delivery of your healthcare.
Information Sharing
We promise to communicate and share complete and unbiased information with you and your family in ways that are affirming and useful. We will give you timely, complete and accurate information so that you are prepared to make the healthcare decisions that are best for you.
We promise to encourage and support your participation in your care and decision-making at the level you choose.
We invite you to help us make hospital-wide changes and improvements in how we care for patients, in policies and program development, as well as in our facility planning and design.

Care Advisory Team

In an effort to get patients and families more involved and to gain valuable insight about the quality of care we are providing, we have established a Care Advisory Team. Patients and families are encouraged to participate in care and decision-making with nurses and physicians.
To truly understand what our patients are going through, we must walk a mile in their shoes. It is through this spirit of caring that the Care Advisory Team was born.
Made up of staff representatives, former patients and family members of former patients, the team meets monthly to provide valuable input from firsthand experience.
The Care Advisory Team’s mission is to promote the culture and ideas of patient- and family-centered care; to advise hospital leadership, faculty and staff on patient needs and hospital priorities from a patient and family perspective; and to educate and empower families about their role in their loved ones’ care.
The team’s vision is to be a national leader of patient- and family-centered advocacy, teaching, research and care.
“Patient- and family-centered care is improving healthcare through the eyes of the patient. It is working with the patient as opposed to doing to, or for, them. Patient and their families should be integrally involved in their own healthcare. UofL Hospital has always been a wonderfully caring hospital, but now we are just taking that to a whole other level and focusing on how we do caring as a hospital community.”